SHARMA FURNITURE SUPPLY is Established and primarily engaged in the retail as well as whole-sale of household and office furniture. Our stores also sell home furnishings, major appliances, and floor coverings.

*Beds and springs-retail.
*Cabinet work on a custom basis to individual order-retail.
*Cabinets, kitchen:built in-retail.
*Furniture, custom made-retail Furniture, household, with or without furnishings.
*Juvenile furniture-retail.
*Mattress stores including custom made-retail.
*Outdoor furniture-retail and many more.....

At SHARMA FURNITURE SUPPLY, you can find all sets of furniture starting from house hold furniture to official furniture at very low price than the market with range of variety. At SFS quality comes first. Please contact us at +91-9861494317 0r WHATSAPP us at +91-9861440185 for more details and order...
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